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Medical Director

Medical Director

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Medical Director Valley HCCC

Requesting Manager

Adam Zweig, MD

Report to Manager

Adam Zweig, MD

Replacing Previous Employee

(Name required if applicable)

Gerald Hamwi, MD

Location of Position

(Site Name)

San Fernando Valley HCC

When Position Needed (Date)


1.  What is the necessity of this position as it relates to the direction to AHF and the Division?


Dr. Hamwi  has decided to leave AHF as of 7/6/18      We will need a new Medical Director to replace him



2.  What is the necessity for this position as it relates to the specific Departmental needs? 

We would need a new physician to keep the clinic open and running


3.      Is this position still relevant as currently designed or described in the current job description?

Does the job description need to be revised?

It is still relevant.  This is a Full Time position



4.      What is the impact to the Department/Division if the position goes unfilled?

Inability to keep the office open



5.      Is outsourcing a better/ more cost effective alternative

Why or why not?

No outsourcing not possible



6.       Is the timing correct?  Should another position be filled before this position is filled?  (e.g. manager before line staff within the same department)


Time is correct


7.       Who is currently fulfilling the responsibilities of the role?


Dr. Hamwi


8.      Should this position be filled by someone already in the Department/Division?

It could be, but we have not identified anyone who would be available



9.    What is the anticipated benefit to your Division?  



Allows us to keep the office open


10.   Is this a budgeted position?  If so, include budget information such as Cost Center(s).


Budgeted ?                                       x         YES                                NO

Full Position Budgeted?                x          YES                                NO


Cost Center(s)

FTE (ex: 0.2, 1.0, etc.)


Valley HCC


40 hours weekly








 If no cost center provided, this position will not be submitted for approval.


11.  Is this position grant funded? If so, include budget information including Percentage(s).


Grant Funded?                                                YES                   x             NO

Full Position Grant Funded?                         YES                                NO






36%  - IO:30000100







If no percentage provided, this position will not be submitted for approval.



A Great Place to Work. A Great Place to Receive Care.


Do you have a passion for putting patients first?  Are you interested in providing HIV Primary Care services to a unique underserved patient population? 



As an HIV Primary Care Practitioner your clinical skills will be utilized in our outpatient healthcare centers. Our Family/Internal Medicine/ID Practitioners have the opportunity to work hands-on with our patients and offer the highest quality of care.  Our healthcare providers include Physicians, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. As a member of our interdisciplinary team of primary care clinicians, mental health providers, case managers and researchers you will actively participate in improving the lives of patients who are living with HIV/AIDS.


You will work in collaboration with the HCC Medical Staff to ensure quality customer service; quality clinical care and timely evaluation and management in the primary medical care of our AHF patients.



In order to ensure adequate time for the execution of these responsibilities, Physicians, PA and RNP’s are allocated a standard 4 hours of administrative time (per week- See Administrative Time Policy & Procedure). If more time is required, prior authorization must be obtained from the Regional Medical Director.